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It's a sad but true fact...if your service is not making a regular surplus then you'll struggle to meet the NQS let alone work toward an 'Exceeding' rating.

If you're operating consistently under 80% occupancy - both money and time can become a juggling act. Re-investment back into your childcare experience can be near impossible.

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Commercial Reality

Since 2005 I have been using a very simple routine with childcare service owners and staff to monitor, manage and improve their financial position. There is absolutely no rocket science involved and no secret formula. It's based on four key dimensions of the business and relies on the principles of participation and consistency.

I will share everything in the 'Commercial Reality' webcast series. Join me on this journey - let's improve your financial position throughout 2014 and start re-investing back into the experience for children and families.

We will face the financial facts...and apply the solutions together.

"named must your fear be - before banish it you can" YODA

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